The indications are disease states for which a herb may be employed, as well as more general or symptomatic indications. If you require information about a particular disease state, symptom or condition, click on the specific one you require in the list below. Under your chosen indication you will find general information on the condition, the herbal actions required to treat the condition, possible beneficial herbs and a sample formulation which could be employed as a general treatment.

abdominal distension abdominal pain
abnormal uterine bleeding abscess
abscess (poultice) acne
acne (topically) Addison?s disease
adenomyosis ageing
alcoholism allergies/sensitivities
alzheimer?s disease amenorrhoea
amenorrhoea, secondary anaemia
androgen excess angina pectoris
anorexia anxiety
arrhythmia arteriosclerosis
arthritis asthma
atherosclerosis autoimmune disease
avitaminosis benign breast disease
benign prostatic hyperplasia bladder, atonic
bleeding, internal boils
boils (poultice) bronchial asthma
bronchial asthma, with tachycardia bronchial disorders
bronchitis bronchitis, acute
bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, with cardiac complications
bronchitis, with peptic ulceration or gastritis Buerger?s disease
burns, severe, support after calculi, kidney & bladder
cancer cancer, prevention of
cancer, prevention of metastasis candidiasis
capillary fragility cardiac debility
cardiac failure, congestive cardiac failure, mild
cardiac oedema cardiovascular disease, prevention
cardiovascular weakness cataract and diabetic complications
catarrh catarrh, gastrointestinal
catarrh, genito-urinary tract catarrh, naso-pharyngeal
catarrh, respiratory catarrhal deafness
cellulitis cerebral ischaemia
cerebral sclerosis cerebrovascular disease
chemotherapy, to minimize the side-effects of cholecystitis
chorea chronic fatigue syndrome
circulation, cerebrovascular, impaired circulation, peripheral, impaired
colic, childhood colic, gall bladder
colic, intestinal colic, renal
colitis common cold
conjunctivitis (locally as eye lotion) connective tissue disorders
constipation convalescence
convulsions cough
cough, productive cramps, muscular spasm, muscular tension
Crohn?s disease croup
cystic hyperplasia cystitis
cystitis with haematuria deafness, acute
debility dementia
depression depression, post natal
diabetes mellitus diabetes, gestational
diabetic foot pain diabetic neuropathy
diabetic retinopathy diarrhoea
diarrhoea, childhood digestive weakness
digitalis hypersensitivity diverticulitis
dizziness drug abuse
duodenitis dysentery
dysmenorrhoea dysmenorrhoea with scanty menses
dysmenorrhoea, congestive dysmenorrhoea, spasmodic
dyspepsia dyspepsia, flatulent
dyspepsia, nervous dysuria
eczema eczema (topically)
elephantiasis emaciation
emphysema endometriosis
endothelaemia enteritis
enuresis enuresis, childhood
enuresis, nocturnal epilepsy
excitability exhaustion
exhaustion, mental eye strain
false labour pains fever
fever, childhood fibroids
fibrositis flatulence
flatulent colic flavouring
follicular cyst fractures
furunculosis galactorrhoea
gall stones (cholelithiasis) gallbladder disorders
gastric haemorrhage gastric reflux
gastritis gastrointestinal tract, bacterial overgrowth of
gastrointestinal tract, disorders gastrointestinal tract, fungal overgrowth of
gastrointestinal tract, infestation Gilbert's syndrome
gingivitis glands, swollen
glaucoma (external & internal) gout
Graves' disease gums, bleeding
haematemesis haematuria
haemoptysis haemorrhoids
haemorrhoids (topically) halitosis
hayfever headache
headache, tension hepatitis
hepatitis, chronic herpes (topically)
herpes simplex high-protein oedemas including burns
hormonal dysfunction hyperacidity
hyperactivity hypercholesterolaemia
hyperhydrosis including sweating with menopause hyperlipidaemia
hypertension hypertensive headache
hyperthyroidism hypochlorhydria
hypoglycaemia immune deficiency
impotence incontinence
indigestion infection
infection, acute infection, bacterial
infection, chronic infection, eyes (topically)
infection, fungal infection, gastrointestinal system
infection, protozoal infection, respiratory tract
infection, skin infection, throat
infection, throat (gargle) infection, to improve resistance to
infection, vagina infection, viral
infertility infestation
infestation, nematode infestation, worms
inflamed mucosa (topically, preparation in olive oil) inflammation
inflammation, chronic inflammation, connective tissue
inflammation, gastrointestinal tract inflammation, oral cavity
inflammation, ovaries/testes inflammation, pelvic, chronic
inflammation, post-traumatic inflammation, respiratory tract
inflammatory bowel disease influenza
injuries injuries (topically)
insomnia intermittent claudication
intestinal amoebiasis intestinal bleeding
intestinal dysbiosis intestinal infestations
intestinal inflammation irritability
irritable bowel syndrome jaundice
kidney disorders lactation, poor
laryngeal spasm laryngitis
latent hyperprolactinaemia leucorrhoea
leucorrhoea & vaginitis (douche) liver cirrhosis
liver congestion liver damage
liver disease liver infection
liver insufficiency liver toxicity
lumbago luteal phase complaints
lymphadenitis lymphadenopathy
lymphoedema lymphoedema, filaritic
lymphoma treatment, as an adjunct to malaena
malaria mammary abscess (poultice)
mastalgia mastitis
melancholia memory and concentration, poor
Méniére?s disease, dizziness from menopause, depression
menopause, hypertension and arrhythmias menopause, menorrhagia
menopause, symptoms menorrhagia
menstrual irregularity metrorrhagia
migraine miscarriage, repeated
miscarriage, threatened morning sickness
mouth and gum disorders mumps
myalgia myalgia (topically)
myasthenia gravis myocardial infarction
myocardial ischaemia myocardial weakness
narcolepsy nausea
neoplasm nephritis
nerve damage nervous exhaustion
nervous system disorders nervous tachycardia
nervous tension neuralgia
neuralgia (topically) neurasthenia
neuritis night blindness
night cramps night sweats
nose bleeds obstructive airways disease, chronic
oedema oedema in lower legs
oedema of renal origin oedema, premenstrual
oligomenorrhoea oliguria
organ prolapse osteoarthritis
ovarian and uterine pains ovarian cyst
ovulation, eratic ovulation, painful
palpitations pelvic congestion
pertussis pharyngitis
pharyngitis (gargle) pleurisy
pleurodynia (topically) polycystic ovarian syndrome
polymenorrhoea portal hypertension
post-partum haemorrhage post-viral syndromes
pregnancy, false labour pains pregnancy, nausea
pregnancy, to prepare uterus for labour pregnancy, toxaemia of, & restless foetus
premenstrual syndrome progesterone deficiency
prophylaxis prostatic disease
prostatitis pruritus
pruritus ani (topically) psoriasis
pulmonary disorders pulmonary fibrosis
pyelitis radiation, side-effects of
Raynaud?s syndrome recovery from disease, to aid
renal failure, mild restless legs
restlessness restlessness in children
retinal blood flow disorders retinal damage
retinal degeneration, ischaemic rheumatic conditions
rheumatic pains (topically) rheumatism
rheumatoid arthritis rhinitis
schizophrenia sciatica
scleroderma sclerosis
senile macular degeneration septicemia, mild
shingles septicemia, mild
sinusitis skin disorders
skin disorders (topically) skin disorders, chronic
sore throat (gargle) sperm count, low
spider veins splenic enlargement
steroids, to augment treatment with stiff man syndrome
stomatitis stress
stroke, recovery after surgery, repair of skin and other soft tissues after
sweating, excessive sweet cravings
systemic lupus erythematosus tachycardia
tachycardia, mild tachycardia, paroxysmal
testicular atrophy thrombophlebitis
thrombosis thyroid gland, debilitated
thyrotoxicosis with dyspnoea, tachycardia and tremor tinea (topically)
tinnitus tiredness
tonic for elderly tonsillitis
tooth ache tooth ache (topically)
tracheitis trigeminal neuralgia
ulcer (topically) ulcer, gastriointestinal
ulcer, mouth ulcerative colitis
urethritis urinary bladder polyps
urinary lithiasis urinary tract infection
urinary tract infection, chronic urticaria
uterine bleeding, dysfunctional uterine dysfunction
uterine involution, to assist uterine prolapse
vaccination, smallpox, ill-effects vaginal & cervical mucosa, protection & repair (topically)
varicose veins varicose veins (topically)
vascular damage venous insufficiency
venous insufficiency (topically) venous insufficiency, chronic
vertigo visceral pain
visual fatigue vitiligo
vomiting vomiting of pregnancy
warts warts (topically)
weight loss, to assist wounds
wounds (topically)